Wingate Reef - Umbria

The Wingate Reef is situated directly in front of the entrance of the harbour of Port Sudan. Although the harbour is very close, all divingships make a stop here; the main attraction is not the reefs, rather it is the wreck of the "Umbria".

Just before the outbreak of World War II, this Italian warship was on her way through the Red Sea to its east African colonies when she was stopped at Port Sudan by the British. While the British were searching the ship, the Italian captain heard that Italy had entered the war. He did not want the cargo of weapons to fall in to the hands of the British, and so he tricked the enemy and scuttled the ship. In 1948, Hans Hass was the first civilian to dive to and film the Umbria.

Today, the Umbria is one of the most famous wrecks in the Red Sea due to the lush vegetation and the almost untouched cargo.