Shaab Suedi - Blue Belt

The reef is 7 nautical miles long and runs parallel to the coast. The wreck of the "Blue Belt" lies at the northern end of the outer side of the reef. A car chassis located on the top of the reef is marking the place where the ship sank.

In 1977, the Blue Belt was taking a cargo of "Toyota" cars and trucks from Jeddah to Port Sudan. This is why she is often called the “Toyota wreck”. The accident was clearly caused by taking the wrong course (about 40 nautical miles to the north!). However, even today, nobody really knows what happened. Was it insurance fraud?

Diving up to the north, you reach a lovely coral garden with hundreds of table corals in all sizes and in colours from beige to blue.

***  Port Sudan, October 2013  ***
After nearly 40 years the wreck of the "Blue Belt" slipped down from the reef during the summer 2013 and the new depth is not reachable for the divers anymore.
The cars are still on the reef as a marker of the position from where we have dived the wreck of the "Blue Belt" for so many years.