Behaviour in public places

Sudan is situated between and influenced by African and Islamic-Arab culture. It is a complex country with a broad range of different ethnic populations; it is only possible to give very general advice on behaviour. Sudan views itself as an Islamic country, even although some of the population is Catholic or follows animistic beliefs.
Wear clothes covering at least your knees and shoulders.
You will not be expected to cover your head or hair, although this can be useful to protect yourself against the strong sun and the dust.
First, be sure that the person you want to photograph agrees. Many Sudanese people refuse to be photographed because of religious beliefs; others feel insulted if the poverty in which they live is photographed.
Please also refrain from taking pictures of places or people of strategic importance (this term can be very widely interpreted!): e.g. harbours, bridges, airports, police, army and army facilities.
Although many ships are getting used to European attitudes and behaviour, please be respectful towards the traditions and culture of the Sudanese crew.

Please always wear a swimsuit and do not sunbathe topless.

Muslims pray five times a day. Do not disturb the crew during prayers.