YES, you will need a visa to enter Sudan. Just send us a copy of your valid passport and we will arrange to get your visa fast and uncomlicated. Before the start of your journey we will send you a copy of your visa, with the original we will then wait for you at the airport in Port Sudan.

It's possible as well to request your visa for sudan from the sudanese embassy in your home country.
Your passport has to be valid 6 months over the date of departure from Sudan, mustn't contain any stamp from Israel and needs for the whole journey 3 empty pages.

Bringing alcohol and printed matters with permissive content, lightly dressed women on a magazine‘s cover being such a content, is prohibited. Each item of luggage will be controlled.

There are no vaccination requirements to enter Sudan. However tetanus, polio and hepatitis A and B are recommended. For more information ask your tropical institute or consult the Internet.

The Foreign Office will inform you about current safety measures to be taken by travelling in Sudan.
We will wait for you in front of the passport control on your arrival in Port Sudan and hand you out the required documents. We will bring you through the passport and luggage controls and take the bus with you. It will then drive us directly to your ship.
No, you don‘t need a hotel if you stay in Sudan for a dive cruise only.
After your diving cruise you will have the possibility to visit Port Sudan and its busy market.